"Turtles All the Way Down"
Season 1, Episode 13
Air date May 24, 2012
Written by Kyle Killen &
Leonard Chang &
Noelle Valdivia (story)
Kyle Killen (teleplay)
Directed by Miguel Sapochnik
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"Two Birds"
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Turtles All the Way Down is the thirteenth and final episode of Awake. The teleplay was written by Kyle Killen from a story by Killen & Leonard Chang & Noelle Valdivia. It was directed by Miguel Sapochnik. It first aired on May 24, 2012.


Captain Tricia Harper kills Captain Carl Kessel in a hotel room to hide her involvement in the accident. Meanwhile, Britten starts to realize the truth behind the accident; a conspiracy threatens both of his realities; Britten goes after Hawkins; Dr. Lee and Dr. Evans come together in a debate that forces Britten to choose a path.