"The Little Guy"
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date March 8, 2012
Written by Kyle Killen
Directed by Jeffrey Reiner
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"The Little Guy" is the second episode of Awake. It was written by Kyle Killen and directed by Jeffrey Reiner. It first aired on March 8, 2012.


The episode opens in the Green World. Rex is starting to notice differences about the way his father does things that his mother normally did. Michael decides to watch his wife in the Red World to make things better for Rex like using a fabric softener when he washes. Dr Evans is facinated by Michael ability to maintin a flowing reality in his dreams even though Michael would rather not work two sets of homicides.

Later Micheal and "Bird " are working on a case where a Dr. Bernard Mackenzie, a fetility doctor has been killed by a poison made to look like a natural heart attack. Someone murdered him by drugging his insulin.

Back at home Micheal learns that his son also doesn't care for his cooking since Hannah used to do that too.

In the Red World Micheal learns that Rex was having parcels sent to his friends house and he suggests to Hannah that they open a package. She doesn't want to just yet, as she is still not ready to learn more about her son. Dr Lee points out that Michael is dealing with Rex's death by pretending that he didn't die. Dr. Lee is not as happy about Rex's "dreams" has Dr. Evans is.

Back at the station, Michael sees Bermard's name on a list of murder victims. In the Red World Bernard is listed as a homeless murder. Michael naturally wants to investigate but Vega is not interested because it is not high profile.

We now skip to the first part in the series where Micheal is not present. Hannah has opened the parcel and decides to confront Cole, Rex`s friend, with it`s contents. Cole shows Hannah the motorbike they were working on. The part were mailed there because Rex`s parents would not approve. Everytime Rex said he was going to the beach he actually want over to fix the bike. Hannah suggests to Cole that he finish the bike.

Micheal and Vega show up to the area where Bernard was found, but Vega is not happy that his partner chose this case. Michael gets angry and tells Vega he can leave if he wants, since Vega only got the job to watch over Michael's back. They both walk the streets asking if anyone recognizes the victim in pictures. Only one homeless man does and he says he was killed by "A Little Guy".

Back in the Green world, they bring in a guy for questioning on Dr. Mackenzie's murder, but the man is quite large and Michael imediately feels it is not the right man. He confirms his feelings by comfirming that the suspect was watching the football game at the time of the murder. Det. Bird is concerned about why Michael assumed right away that he was innocent. The suspect was a former partner of Mackenzie's but he became upset with the way the doctor was taking in bussiness and he lost his partnership in a court battle. Mackenzie was turning away poorer people who really did need there help for richer couples.

They decide to check emails on the Clinic's server and they discover that the computers had been hacked and several files were deleted hours before the murder. The IP address belonged to a client with a 17 year old son Sam Harveson, who they figure was the hacker. When they question the boy at his home he admits to hacking into the system to look up his father but he accidentally altered other files and couldn't fix them. He didn't have an alibi but he did have the ticket stub from an online sale.

Before they left Michael asked him how tall he was. He answered roughly 5 foot 5. Freeman questions Michael as to why he keeps asking about height. He says that one theory is that a window in the office was broken and he figured maybe someone could have climbed in there and messed with the Dr's insulin. Freeman is frustrated at Michael theories and Michael doesn't want to tell him where he gets his ideas.

Back at home Michael has now learned how to cook a meal but Rex want's to go to the beach with Cole. At Cole's house. Rex is trying to convince Cole to go away for three days to a music festival with the bike. Cole is reluctant and realizes that Rex wants to go because of a girl.

Back in the Red World Hannah reveals that Rex was working on a bike with Cole instead of going to the beach. She is now much happier knowing more about her son. At the station Michael is looking through mug shots of Little Guy's and he has asked the homeless man to come back in to take a look. Vega gets into a shouting match with him causing the police cheif to take Michael into her office. The cheif had previously suggested that Michael retire after the accident but he refused and still does. She tells him to deal with the homeless man and go work on a new case.

In the Green World Michael shows the forensic detecive the files that were deleted and he determines that all the files have the same genetic markers. In other words, all of the children were fathered by the same man. They get Sam in for questioning and he admits that he killed Mackenzie becasue he was using his own sperm to father children. He begs the detectives to not tell anyone. He felt betrayed because he is the son of a monster and he killed the doctor so that no one else would know.

The two therapists continue to react differently about the case results but Michael feels he is still missing something because homeless case was not solved even if it did help him solve the Doctor case. He makes ammend with Vega by offering him lead in the questioning of the new case. Just after he and Vega take off, the cheif notices that Michael is looking at mug shots of short people.

Rex tells his dad that he is going to the beach with Cole. Michael tells Rex to, "Wear a helmet," letting on that he knows about the Bike and is OK with it.

As the show ends, the chief is sitting on a bench when she is approached by an unknown man. They are having a debate on how troublesome Michael is and the chief is being protected somehow by the accident that was done on purpose and took out Michael's "whole family." She convinces the man that she is controlling the situation and she asks him if the man who caused the accident was "A lillte guy."