Britten hears a mysterious warning via intercom while ordering.

Ricky's Tacos is a fast food franchise favored by many LAPD personnel. Bird is fond of their Two-For-One Tuesdays promotion.

On one occasion, Britten patronizes its drive-through window. After confirming his food order, the intercom voice dully urges him to canel his move to Oregon and to revisit "the Westfield case." Britten pulls forward and sees the voice's owner, a curly-haired teenager who denies having said anything unrelated to the food order.

Circumstances prevent Michael's initial attempts to dig into the cold case in both realities. However, he briefly makes it out to Westfield Distribution Center.

He confides about the mysterious voice to Dr. Evans who asks why he would guess that something "usually beholden to your commands instead is issuing them." He likens the ordering device to an oracle and they discuss the event in terms of dream logic.

Upon returning to Ricky's Tacos later, Britten receives no further portents and so he merely orders iced tea.

Ricky's Tacos mascot may be likened to a little guy.