Season 1, Episode 5
Air date March 29, 2012
Written by Lisa Zwerling
Directed by Aaron Lipstadt
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Oregon is the fifth episode of Awake. It was written by Lisa Zwerling and directed by Aaron Lipstadt. It first aired on March 29, 2012.


Britten is beset upon by the dregs of LA at every turn as he jogs and goes about his morning. This contrasts with Hannah's trip to Portland, Oregon which she reports on favorably by phone. Worriedly, Britten starts theorizing that she plans to move there regardless of his feelings. His dour tour concludes with the discovery of a corpse hidden in the foliage at a park overlook.

Since the MO matches that of the Gemini Killer, Santoro, the FBI agent assigned to the case, is called upon to consult. She concludes that it is the work of a copycat and advises the LAPD accordingly. When new evidence arises, she focuses on the suspicious timing and method by which Britten acquired it. Between these circumstances and Britten's psychological condition, he ends up under observation by order of the Captain.

While observing patrols at a park, Agent Santoro is approached by a uniformed man (evidently the real Gemini) who drugs and abducts her. He revives her in seclusion and condescends menacingly before slashing her forearm.

After giving Britten a talking-to back at the station, Bird improperly escorts him out of the interrogation room and over to the park. They check with a patrol unit and reason that Santoro is in the park, in danger. Acting quickly, they locate her and engage the assailant in a gunfight before he flees. Then they ensure that Santoro gets hospital care.

With the action over, Britten returns his attention to the marital front. He's deeply relieved when Hannah says she concealed her moving research out of mere embarrassment, subterfuge unintended. Having tired of the city himself, he agrees to the move.

Unexpectedly, the Gemini Killer apparent breaks into Doc Evans' office and steals Michael's file. The bad egg phones Britten for an ominous chat while waiting on a departing flight to Portland.