Seated on a mental hospital floor, Gabriel squeezes a dead man's trigger tightly.

Gabriel Wyath III, called "Trip" by family members, is a 26-year-old inmate at Vista Psychiatric Hospital and patient to Dr. John Lee. He unexpectedly takes hostages and control of the facility for a brief period.

History, Personal and Mental Edit

Wyath performed brilliantly during his engineering studies and later during a Government research lab internship. When he was about 22, he became severely traumatized by the slaying of his sister, Christie. Around that time, he was incarcerated for attempting to destroy a Government building.

According to Lee, it is probable that he was hiding the signs and symptoms of his capacity for mental delusion for some time before.

First Appearance, Red Reality Episode 6: That's Not My Penguin Edit

Subscribing to the delusion that Christie is still alive, Wyath rigs makeshift explosives and takes some of the hospital occupants hostage. After a brief telephone exchange with Michael Britten, Wyath requests him as the negotiator.

Wyath expresses the belief that his sister is being held prisoner underground by one "Dr. Wild." After being narrowly missed by a police sniper, Wyath injects Britten with a dose of the drug ketamine, rendering him unconscious.

Awakening in the Green Reality, Britten shortly begins to hallucinate the presence of an unobtrusive penguin. It helps him to locate a brass knuckle ring that had gone missing from an evidence box. Britten intuits that the word "wild," inscribed on the ring, constitutes a clue to the Wyath case but there is no clear connection.

Returning to consciousness amid the hostage situation, Britten continues to hallucinate the penguin along with Dr. Lee (who is actually now safely outside). When it comes to light that Wyath's delusion is reminiscent of a certain fact, that Christie is buried at a place called Wild Rose Cemetery, the illusory Dr. Lee counsels Britten that Wyath may be making progress.

Britten proceeds by humoring Wyath. Britten claims that Christie escaped her abductors and now lives in hiding, but freely. He also promises the siblings will be reunited.

Britten also guesses from a written photo caption that Christie addresses Wyath as "Trip" in homage to his suffix. This makes Britten's claim more believable to Wyath. In response, Wyath relinquishes control of the hostages and allows himself to be rearrested.,