Awake Carl

Carl meets with the Captain, as if grudgingly.

Carl is a mysterious, humorless conspirator occasionally seen wearing business suits and conferring with Captain Harper.

History and Ties to Conspiracy Edit

At some point in the past, Carl's associates had ties to Westfield Distribution Center. When Bird and Britten began investigating that location, Carl and company conspired to cause an accident in an attempt on the lives of Britten's whole family.

Carl employs an unknown assassin (the one behind the accident who matches the "little guy" description) and someone who does surveillance. He also keeps in touch with Harper, who apparently opposed the brash move against Britten.

First Appearance: Episode 2: The Little Guy, Final scene Edit

Having just ordered Britten off the Mackenzie case, Harper meets with Carl in a park to give him an update. The two have a difference of opinion over how much severity with which to treat Britten. Harper asks about "the guy [Carl] used for the accident" but assures him that Britten is not suspicious.

Continuing Bio Edit

When the mysterious surveillance man notifies Carl that Britten is snooping around Westfield Center, Carl puts in a "courtesy call" to Harper to imply murderous intentions. He presumably retracts this decision later on hearing news that Britten has given notice.